Patient Information

We understand that it can be a difficult time for you when seeking urological advice. Our aim at  is to make the process as effortless and simple as possible, in order for you to be able to focus on getting the best urological treatment available.

Booking your appointment

Your referring healthcare professional may suggest which consultant you see at 101 Harley Street. We will always offer you our earliest possible appointment, however of course you may choose who you see.

You may already have a diagnosis and are being referred for surgical consideration. In this instance, your referral will be to a specific consultant.

We have a dedicated booking team on hand to manage your appointments. Simply call, email or use our online form here.

Referral letters
For urological problems it is preferable, but not always essential, to have a letter of referral from your general practitioner or referring specialist. This may be your NHS or private sector physician. A referral letter maybe a requirement of your private health insurer in order to cover your visit.

If you are coming from overseas for treatment, a referral letter is welcome but not essential in every case. Any previous medical reports that can be obtained will be helpful. If you are being referred to us through your embassy, a letter of guarantee is required.

Insurance details
You should also bring your health insurance policy number and your ‘pre-authorisation’ number from your insurers.

Your consultation

Your initial consultation is designed to ensure an accurate diagnosis of your condition.

On arrival at your chosen clinic, you will be asked to check through your personal details, and complete a short medical questionnaire. Please aim to arrive ten minutes before your appointment to allow time to complete the form and check your details. If you wish, you can download the questionnaire here to complete prior to your appointment.

Your first appointment will take about 30 minutes, during which you will have a detailed discussion with your consultant, who may perform a physical examination, as well as other diagnostics investigations. These may be done on the same day, or arranged for a future date.

At the end of your first consultation, your urologist will explain the strategy for your following care. A letter will be sent to your GP or referring physician confirming the plan and keeping them informed of any results.

Further treatment

The diagnosis reached in your consultation may suggest that a procedure is required. Your consultant will discuss the various options open to you and only once you have agreed to a procedure will steps be taken to book it for you.

The booking process is managed by the consultant’s secretary who will liaise between you, the hospital where the procedure will take place and the anaesthetist to obtain a suitable date. The secretary will provide you with a pre- admission form, which will confirm the details of the procedure, including location, length of stay and any tests required before the procedure. The pre- admission form also acts as a written quote (see fees and payment).

Each procedure requires different preparation, so the consultant and secretary will discuss these in more detail directly with you. You will also receive information on preparing for the procedure from the hospital you will be attending. Much of this is available on line at:

King Edward VII’s Hospital Sister Agnes
The London Clinic
Royal Marsden
Charing Cross Hospital
London Bridge Hospital

At any time if you have any queries of concerns about your procedure, then please call 0207 935 3881 and choose option 1 or 2 to speak to the relevant secretary who will be more than happy to help.